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Equipment, materials and services for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit manufacturers

Medical Systems for Industry

Thin film PTFE fluoropolymer plasma vapor deposition coating services for medical and industrial manufacturers. Advanced PTFE fluoropolymer coating processing using Plasma Vapor Deposition and related technologies for excellent PTFE fluoropolymer coating quality (specifications) and repeatability of the coating process.

PTFE fluoropolymer coating services - PTFE fluoropolymer  plasma vapor deposition thin layer coating

Precision PTFE fluoropolymer plasma coating for improved surface properties, for example with ceramics. Enhanced hydrophobic properties by adding PTFE fluoropolymer with zero dimensional change. Plasma vapor deposition of PTFE fluoropolymer will seal off micro-voids in surface of close tolerance, Plasma vapor deposition of PTFE fluoropolymer gives a low surface energy finish. Plasma vapor deposition of PTFE improved friction and wear, reduced sticking and improved release.  Plasma vapor deposition of PTFE fluoropolymer for reduced tackiness; smooth, slick surface.

Plasma vapor deposition of PTFE fluoropolymer for needles, probes, sensors, nozzles and orifices (medical, industrial and biotech.)  Plasma vapor deposition of PTFE fluoropolymer is a low temperature process allows coatings of all materials without surface damage. Excellent results coating stainless steel, brass, nickel-titanium (shape memory alloy), ceramics. Precision vapor deposition process allows coating of tight tolerances without clogging or bridging, and with no damage to the substrate.

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