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Medical Systems for Industry

This syringe assembly machine assembles large syringes used for patient nutritional needs. This syringe assembly machine feeds grommeted pistons and places this assembly in the barrel of a large syringe. The syringe machine can also assemble grommets to the pistons.  This is typical of the factory automation equipment that can be built to automate the assembly of medical products like syringes.  The syringe machine was based on standard rotary table design using a Camco rotary table.  Fully automatic assembly machines with automatic loading of parts can also be designed and built.  Besides rotary table machines various linear assembly machines can be built for medical product assembly.  

• PLC controlled

• Manual loading of parts

• Silicone parts lubrication

Syringe Assembly Machine

If you are interested in factory automation of medical products, or automation of other types of products, please contact us so we can design an assembly machine for your specific needs.

Syringe assembly machine