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Equipment, materials and services for medical device, pharmaceutical and diagnostic test kit manufacturers

Medical Systems for Industry

Table top Ink Jet Pouch Printing Equipment

Printing of bar codes for UDI compliance for medical packaging needs  - can also print with laser markers, and label applicators and print and apply label applications can be integrated with feeder system

Table top pouch printer system; prints with ink jet - one and four color printing, laser marking, label applicator - print and apply

Click to see our large full feature printer system for pouches and lidding

Click to see our semi-automatic economic printer for pouches and lidding

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flat product feeder for printing flat items like pouches with ink jet, laser, print and apply label pouch printing equipment - flat print printing with ink jet

Flat product feeder – with high resolution ink jet printer printing on flat products like pouches, lids, cards without the need of a label.  This off-line feeder/printer system will print either a single color; or print 4 colors with CMYK ink printer.

The feed system is a pusher lug, with a vacuum bed for better handling of flat products like pouches, lid stock and cards.

The DOTMARK High Resolution Ink Jet Coder ink jet printer requires no system cleaning, ink mixing, purging or flushing. Optional OCR/Vision System, bar code verification, can be added to the system.  The DOTMARK High Resolution Ink Jet Coder prints high quality single color copy from 100 to 600 DPI. The DOTMARK prints; text, graphics, bar codes.  

Besides the DOTMARK High Resolution Ink Jet Coder, the flat product feeder can be integrated with: a 4 color ink jet printer, laser coder, P/S label applicator or thermal transfer printer.   

Feeder system with ink jet printers - single and four color

Flat product feeder can be integrated with: a 4 color ink jet printer, laser coder, P/S label applicator or thermal transfer printer.  It can feed flat products up to 12” wide x 14” long; and up to 3/8” thick. Vacuum bed improves handling of flat products to the printer.

laser marker to be integrated with flat product feeder ink jet printer for flat items like pouches

Feeder system can have ink jet and laser marker integrated