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Medical Systems for Industry

Medical Automation Equipment

The endometrial sampler medical automation equipment (endometrial samplers are catheter like diagnostic devices used for histological biopsy).  The medical automation equipment loads rubber “O” rings, and places them on a molded plunger.  This assembly is them inserted into a catheter like sheath (the sheath was formed with a catheter tipping machine) and them loaded into a Tyvek chevron peelpouch and then sealed. The medical automation equipment was based on a horizontal axis rotary table design.

• Feed “O” ring from vibratory feeder, lubricates and inserts into rotary table mounted nests on the medical automation equipment.

• Check for position.  Missing “O” ring causes process to halt.  

• Aspirator tube (catheter sheath)  is moved from loading mechanism in medical automation equipment.  Plunger is loaded into aspirator tube and heat staked.

• Medical chevron peelpouch is removed from magazine in medical automation equipment, opened pneumatically and endometrial sampler diagnostic catheter is loaded into it.

Medical Custom Automation

Medical automation equipment will assemble medical products. Medical automation will also be able to automatically package a medical product as well as assemble the medical product.  Below is a description of medical automation equipment that assembled a diagnostic devise as well as automatically packaged in a chevron medical package.  Please contact us so we can discuss how we can provide this type of equipment for you.

Example of typical medical automation equipment, automatically assembling product and packaging medical device.