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Medical Systems for Industry

Heated eye punch eye-forming machines use heated punches to both form and polish eyes in catheters. The tubing is modular and consists of a tube holder and mandrel block, adjustable punch holder and the correct size punch per catheter size. Tooling can be designed for single or multiple eye configurations in catheters and allow quick and simple changes in catheter sizes. Controls consist of a temperature controller and cycle timer, air pressure and depth of punch penetration.

Manual and automatic punching and catheter drilling equipment is offered. The picture on the right shows a manual catheter drill press that is tooled for drilling holes in a multi-lumen catheter. It has a slug eject system. Additional tooling also allows skiving operation to be performed on the same machine. The punch press (right in same picture) is tooled for eye cutting and skiving of catheters.

catheter hole and eye forming equipment

Eye punch  - eye forming machines for catheters

Equipment for making holes in catheters - eye punch style